capsule collection 2018

Simmetria is a collection based on the encounter between two cultures that have never been deeply intertwined, nevertheless have many similarities.

By merging armenian cinematography and italian metaphysics, it appears clear the common concept of shape, depth and perspective, three words that might be morphologically similar but aesthetically are actually very distant. These ideas are translated into the silouhettes of the collection, and the tridimensional embroideries that embellish them.

In particular, these embellishements are again inspired by two traditional elements: the armenian Kilim, an item that recalls popular and unrefined craftmanship, and the italian Arazzo, that is conversely characterized by richness of details and precious materials.

Two cultures that are shredded and sew back up together are joined in knitwear, both in shape and in embellishments. Raw materials are decorated with detailed embroideries and valuable materials, and the pattern of the kilim is enhanced by a jaquard that narrates once again two different stories, and yet they are so similar.