Brand profile

Froy is a young brand, in which different cultures, solutions and inspirations pulsate. Founder of the project is Arman Avetikyan, born in Armenia, grew up in Russia and graduated in Italy. Moving between different realities becomes the expressive matrix of the designer: identity and multiculturalism siphon in the name of the brand, Froy, the “forbidden” surname of the founder.

The project is a path of research into the possibilities of knitwear, which explores original solutions using mix of fabrics, reconciling traditional and innovative yarns, exploiting materials and processes to obtain hybrid, versatile and speaking surfaces.

In his collections Froy links distant cultures, capturing the connections between aesthetics that are only in appearance. The designer creates these distances in imaginary encounters, filtering through the prism of creativity, giving them form and perspective.

The key elements of this process are geometry and traditional cultures, which come together vividly in the designer’s illustrations. The main narrative recounts stories of nine characters or cultures, moving in a city that represents the architecture of their relationships.

Designer profile

He was born in Armenia in 1989. At the age of eight he moved to Russia, where he began his studies in Architecture, specializing in Fashion Design. After a year of modeling he began working in knitwear, and experimenting with his own personal design.

In 2009 Froy was born, his knitwear project. In 2014 he moved to Italy, where he continued his studies at the Milan Polytechnic, graduating in Design of knitwear.

Between 2014 and 2017 works as knitwear for different brands. In 2018 it re-launches its knitwear project. In 2018 it wins the third edition of Talents LineapiĆ¹.